From a terrible violation you get something good: a child, a gift from God

4 May

Although your husband is unfaithful, going on loving him while you shed tears, as Jesus did in the cross, is the real proof of love’’.  This sentence and other ones like “maltreated women shouldn´t separate since that´s love’’, or “to have an abortion in case of rape is not admissible because in spite of being such a terrible experience, at least, you can get something by it: a son, a gift from God’’, exceed the capacity of endurance of most students of Church Social Doctrine  lesson, imparted yesterday by Gloria Casanova, teacher at  Cardenal Herrera-CEU de Moncada University (Valencia).

Since the morning of March, 27th , this private center’s facebook, has been getting full of coments and reviews about the notice published by the Spanish newspaper, EL PAÍS. The teacher declined speaking with the newspaper.

It has been unacceptable. Lessons like this are unbearable’’ told one of the students belonging to the mentioned classroom where Casanova, who also teaches at Valencia Catholic university, displayed her opinions.


One of the University’s building

This subject of Journalism degree is until the third course compulsory.  Students who attends this teacher´s lessons are used to the way they are, usually inclined to the most conservative side of  clergy. Last Tuesday, the topic was about homosexuality and gay marriage and it seems to be that Casanova increased the hostility level of his recurrent speech. “She overstepped the mark, there were people who left the lecture since they couldn´t longer bear it.’’, other guy reports.

The lecture, that elapses without textbook, was embellished with comments referring to some supposed researches “that prove the more incidence of personality disorder on homosexual sons’’ or  that homosexuality “can be redirected“. This newspaper attempted to obtain the professor´s version, without succeed.

Maria Jose Catalá, member of the Education department, was asked this morning in an event about the controversy generated by the CEU teacher´s lecture, and answered alluding to her freedom to act while teaching.

I understand her comments as an opinion under her freedom to act during the lecture’’, Catalá said. Nevertheless she strongly affirms not to share some of her statements and emphasizes that they took place “in a concrete moment, in a correct or incorrect way’’.

CEU University reacted to the news by publishing a press release that assures that “the center promotes the plural debate between lecturers and students and contemplates every opinion respectful to the center ideology.  Listening and paying attention to students by offering different ways of debating and expressing opinions, as well as boosting his own reflections“. “The present debate encourages University to propel a university assembly, so that Church Social Doctrine could be better known.’’

Political parties have also given his opinion.  Today at the parliament, “Compromís’’ regional representative, Fran Ferri, has asked the regional government   for “taking the necessary measures in order to guarantee the students rights in the autonomy of Valencia.’’

Esquerra Unida‘s (a Spanish left-winged political party) representative, Esther López Barceló, have also described Casanova´s asseverations as “offensive, homophobic and patriarchal’’.  As she said in her press release, according to her opinion her affirmations are “worthy of sentence’’ and “push back as  to Middle Ages’’. “They are very dangerous and they retrace the steps taken in gender equality fight’’.

NNGG Campaign

A PP ( Spanish conservative political party) new generations  campaign which urges people to denounce those teachers who indoctrinate students in their  lectures, was the fact which gave rise to this student protest.

The education sciences student of the Jaume I University of Castellón( Valencia),  Álvar Carceller, spoke yesterday about the “disparagement’’ usually displayed by the Spanish language didacticism teacher referring to Valencian language. According to this student, the teacher Javier González Darder, “used to tell us that studying Valencian is an absolute waste of time and he would disrespect us specially the ones who speak Valencian. Many of us felt humiliated’’ concluded.

Last year, the lecturer carried out an inquiry with his pupils about “facts’’ and “opinions’’ in relation to “Valencian’’ and “Spanish’’. In this inquiry Darder referred to Spanish as “the language spoken by more than 400 million people, the one which has Nobel Prizes’’ and to Valencian  by saying “the one whose imposition as exclusive language leads to social conflicts’’. He didn´t want to pronounce himself and alluded to the release issued by Vicent Clement, Jaume I University rector, who strongly defended the way of acting of each professor at his lectures.

The one who also referred to the new generation’s campaign was Alberto Fabra, president of the autonomy of Valencia: “I’m not going to speak about that, but what I do say is that teachers should engage in teaching’’. “I don´t want people to exaggerate things’’ added He avoiding to support the campaign.

STEPV student union announced his intention of denouncing the campaign to Minors Prosecution. “It´s a PP´s new strategy for smearing professorate, politically controlling schools and discrediting public teaching’’

Source: El País    Picture: Google Image

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