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Low levels of radioactivity were detected in Spain with no risk to human health

28 Apr

      Some stations from radiologic vigilance net of the Council of Nuclear Security, organization that controls nuclear security in Spain, have detected “thin” punctual increases of iodine and casium concentrations in the air, coming from Japan, but these values are “very low” and its doesn’t have an effect on health or environment.

      Between march 16th and 29th, the stations of measurement with a big sensibility have detected in Barcelona, Bilbao, Cáceres and Sevilla some index from 0,9 miliBequerels per cubic meter to 0,002 miliBequerels per cubic meter.

The compulsory notification levels to Council of Nuclear Security are situated in 400 miliBequerels, fonts from this organism have explained to Efe, an Spanish news agency, today.


      The radiation levels “have no meaning from the point of view of protection, given the fact that, in all cases, are low and harmless for people and for the environment.”

      Moreover, the radioactive detections are “similar” to those found in other European countries, as well as in the American state of New York, where a small amount of radioactive particles were found in the air and in the rain, according to the local health authorities. Nevertheless, the American authorities indicated that the quantity is low and there is no danger to human health.

      “The water in New York will still be risk-free. We advice the citizens not to take any extra measures in dealing with the radioactive emission coming from Japan”, said Nirav Shah, the authorities representative. Shah said the radiation received by taking an X-ray during a checkup is a thousand times higher than the one detected.


      According to the Council of Nuclear Security these measurements were “predictable, in agreement with the models of atmospheric dispersion and the meteorological information of the previous days.”

      The areas towards which are foreseen that air masses will travel from the Fukushima’s nuclear power station in the next 48 hours will be the east coast of Japan and the Pacific Ocean.

      The Spanish regulator organism continues doing a pursuit of the situation in Japan, in coordination with international organisms.

Source: El Mundo