The concert of the music bands of Silleda, A Vertula and Meaño filled A Feira.

6 May

The Valencian composer Jose Martínez Gallego attended the performances. The host group presented the repertoire that takes to Kerkrade – 800 chairs were taken.





Meaño celebrated last April, twenty-seven its traditional bands festival, the doyen of them all that are celebrated in the region, and that brought together the bands of Silleda, A Vertula de Meis and Unión Musical de Meaño in this twenty-second anniversary. The Praza da Feira registered a capacity crowd of the eight hundred chairs fitted out by the organization, with come audience not only from the region, but also from other localities of the province in order to enjoy a festival that is these days considered by music lovers as one of the best of Galicia. Among the guests, the Valencian composer Jose Martínez Gallego, who got around this time on the occasion of his work “Los caprichos de Goya”, that was played that day on the festival by Meaño’s band, which will take part in the World Music Contest of Kerkrade this summer.

The contest started with its usual punctuality at 5 p.m. and with the traditional parade of the participating bands in front of the council in order to make their entry into the square. There, presented by Germán Tizón, the season of concertos was opened by Silleda’s band, which conducted by the Valencian Rafael Agulló, played works of Rossini, Gershwin and Tchaikovsky. Then, A Vertula de Meis began its performance with the paso doble just entitled “A Vertula”, composed by its conductor Casiano Mouriño, and finished with Johan de Meij’s works and the Gustavo Freire’s Galician rhapsody “Ariños Arires”.

The hosts of the Unión Musical de Meaño were responsible for closing the program. Aside from the mentioned one “Los Caprichos de Goya”, the Meaño’s band played “Club Europe” of Martin Ellerby and the muiñeira “Cascarexa”. Precisely the latter was one of the sensations on the stage, a work with echoes folk, rhythmic and visual, in which the Meaño’s band relied for the occasion on the collaboration of two gaiteiros from the cultural Penaguda plus Lucía Verde, teacher of guitar in the Escola de Música de Meaño, who combined their instruments with the band in a performance that drew enthusiastic applauses in the public.

The audience of the concert had an encore when the Valencian maestro Martínez Gallego was invited to the stage to conduct the Unión Musical de Meaño out of program with “Jesus Duque”, a paso doble of the same composer to honour the apprentice bullfighter of Requena. Martínez Gallego admitted to FARO DE VIGO that the fact Meaño’s band had chosen “Los caprichos de Goya” to take part in Kerkrade “It is the whole pride, the work is really like a children for me, when it is born, you want to see how it grows, and now what you want with a work conceived in 2008, is to see it expanding and coming near to the public, and there is no better shop window that Kerkrade’s festival and with a centenary band like this one of Meaño “.

Meaño returned to be a model of the bands’ music, represented with two centenary bands (Silleda and Meaño) together with a young band, the one from Meis, which is an example of overcoming. Created from a popular initiative it is kept, according to what its conductor Casiano Mouriño explained, “by the money of the performances we do because what is the support from the council and from the administration there is almost void, Meaño’s situation is enviable in this aspect”.

In any case, it was a sign of the more and more major eclecticism of the bands’ music, represented that day in the bet for the opera, the classic overtures or the folk. In fact, the conductor of Meaño’s band David Fiuza understood that in Galicia “the folk music with Celtic roots is also a field to explore for music bands, and where there can be a long route”. In fact, the excellent reception of the muiñeira “Cascarexa” from part of the public seemed to endorse the words of Fiuza Souto that, by the way, lived his last festival as Meaño’s band conductor, since it was public that leaves the group this year.



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