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Ombudswoman condemned the existence of 13.500 VPO (protected dwellings which are financed by Spanish administration) empties

20 Apr

soledad becerril

– Soledad Becerril (ombudswoman from Spain) estimated that 10.000 dwellings could be available to be taken

– ‘It is inacceptable when sets of tens of thousands people suffer dwellings’ lack.

– Her proposition was to use theses house for people evicted who could not pay mortgage or hire in time.

– She regreted administrations’ difficulty to collect these pieces of information.

Ombudswoman, Soledad Becerril, encapsulated the number of dwellings empties (VPO) in, at least, 13.500 units. In addition, she affirmed in that total, as minimum, 10.000 dwellings were available for being taken. Becerril proposed that these flats could be used for evicted families who could not pay mortgage or hire in time.

During the appearance, in the presence of “Comisión Mixta de Relaciones” (Mixed Commission of Relationship) with the ombudswoman to detail Institution’s interventions during 2012, Becerril presented a report about the situation of public dwellings, completed with pieces of information provided for Ceuta and Melilla’s ministries and organizations of Dwelling. In short terms, this research would be realised by the Parliament.

The ombudswoman regretted administration’s difficulty to collect these pieces of information and she proposed to create or to make better registry with similar opinions in all of them. In addition, she announced that there was much autonomy which has not actual information.

“Many people, who need a dwelling with urgency, could benefit of miles public dwellings that currently are empties and available” said Becerril, who suggested to do it “with rents or moderate costs”.

Only in the Comunidades Autónomas (Spanish autonomous communities), according to his datum, 250.000 flats are available with some protection

In particular, the study calculated that, only counting those which autonomous communities manage- that is, more than 250.000 dwellings with any type of public protection-, around 13.500 were empty, and 9.752 of those could consider available.

In addition, the ombudswoman requested information for 10 local governments with a population over 350,000.  According with the information received, this focus of population manage 24,055 protected houses, which would be empty and available at least 427.

For the institution, “it’s inefficient and bit acceptable that there are public empty houses when there are tens of thousands of people suffering from the lack suitable housing”.

The report recommends that protected houses registers include similar parameters that make possible nationwide evaluations. It also suggests increasing the cooperation and coordination between the involved administrations; introduce a more efficient inspection; perfect the allocation housings procedure; and favour the public rent versus sale.

She estimated that there were 332,523 housing petitioners in the country.

In her judgement, “The number of empty homes is high” and “with appropriates measures would be in disposition, in rent system, for families who these days need home”. In particular, at the Institution estimated that there were 332,529 petitioners for housing in the country.

Amongst the recommendations that Becerril shared during her intervention in this cases, were “create or improve the protected house records, with information that provided the autonomous community and the municipalities, using similar parameters that enable national evaluations”.

12/03/2013 El Mundo