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9 Mar

Morenés remind that “we are at war” and now comes “the most dangerous period” with the retirement.


Spanish military instructs two Afghans in a position province of Badghis

The Spanish troops deployed in Afghanistan will move away “with the fulfilled mission” of the advanced position of combat (COP) of Muqur at the beginning of March, as the Defense Secretary announced, Pedro Morenés, during an informatics breakfast with the press organized in the ministerial. In the COP of Murqur there are currently 150 Spanish soldiers.

In this way, and after the withdrawal the last Thursday of the COP of Ludina, Spain won’t be present at the aforementioned positions the most exposed to insurgents’ possible attacks at the province of Badghis, so they formalize a visible advance of the withdrawal at the province of Badghis.

About the possibility of accelerating the times of withdrawal of the contingent agreed by the OTAN, 10 percent in 2012, the 40 percent in 2013 and the other 40 percent in 2014, it is expected that this year Spanish soldiers  might return to Spain more than 40 percent, as said Morenés.

Morenés congratulated himself on the evolution of NATO’s mission in Afghanistan: “It is going well, we have more and more certainty that we will be able to move forward with the operation [alluding to the deadlines of the total withdrawal]”.

However, Morenés committed once more with the three principles that have guided the position of the OTAN allies in Afghanistan to speed up the withdrawal of troops: “Fulfillment of the mission, fulfillment of agreements with the allies and security of the troops in the withdrawal.”

            “Do not forget that we are at war”

The minister warned that this last phase of “the war of Afghanistan is the most dangerous” from the military and political point view: “Do not forget that we are in war, the insurgents will try to be the winners and a dead in the last day makes to lose a life and the political battle”.

In the Muqur and Ludina’s outposts the Spanish contingent was the responsible for providing security in the construction of the Lithium route, main commercial way of the province, and also for supporting the governance.

Muqur’s COP nestled in a fortification of adobe of 19th Century, which is located 26 kilometers from the Ruy González de Clavijo base, in Qala-i-Now, spending three hours going over there. From the base the Spanish soldiers were responsible for the Afghan army training.