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Spanish National Department of Traffic urges doctors to point out which patients cannot drive

7 May

Provincial traffic chiefs can “temporarily revoke the driving license” 


Doctors can notify the Provincial Traffic Headquarters that a patient who is taking medication, or with a temporary or permanent illness, can’t drive. In this way, it will be possible for the process of revocation of the driving license to begin, either during a time or indefinitely. “But maybe this mechanism is not known by doctors”, warned last March the General Director of Traffic, María Seguí, who had been meeting with “different collectives” before the statement and continued after it in order to improve the process of communication, and in this way “involve” the doctors in the improvement of the security on the roads.

During the presentation of the Global status report on road safety 2013, Seguí has reminded that the doctors who “feel the certainty” that their patients are not able to drive can protect their health by taking them out of the road, although she admitted that the communication channel existing with the provincial traffic chiefs isn’t “suitably” known. Moreover, “lots of doctors set out the dilemma of the patient’s confidence and confidentiality, pointed out the Traffic director.

In 2010, the Office of Road Safety, prompted a protocol for doctors for doctors to contribute to stop from driving those people who have lost their mental and physical abilities and aptitudes, by disease or by taking any medication. According to this protocol, when doctors were aware that one of their patients could commit a traffic offence, they should try to resolve it with therapy. If this didn´t work, the advise was to bring t it to the attention of the family and, as a last resort, to the attention the relevant administrative and judicial authorities.

Spain, twelfth country in road safety

Spain is the twelfth country in the world with fewer deaths from traffic accidents. According to the document, developed by the World Health Organization (WHO)  –  data from 2010 from 182 countries  –  Spain has a rate of 5.4 deaths per 100,000 populations. However, in 2011, the last year with consolidated figures, the number of traffic fatalities fell again: 2,060 people died, 418 less than in 2010.

Iceland, with a tax of 2.8, Sweden (3), United Kingdom (3.7), Holland (3.9) and Norway (4.3) are the five countries with a lower ratio of deceased. Even though the objective of Spain is to reduce the tax to the 3.7 in 2020, Seguí has already taken the reference of the Swedish tax. “Even a 3 is possible, because other countries with less deceased have less inhabitants and less road traffic”, she pointed. Seguí showcased that Spain is one of the 28 countries in the world with a specific legislation to reduce the accident rate in the five crucial risk factors in traffic crashes pointed by the WHO: over-speeding, drink-driving, non-use of motorcycle helmets, use of seat belts and child restrain systems. According to the director of the National Department of Traffic, the reform of the General Traffic Rules precisely aims to improve the “amplitude” of the Spanish legislation regarding the speed, the seat belt and the use of child restrain systems.

Source: http://politica.elpais.com/politica/2013/03/19/actualidad/1363698808_140407.html