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The minister Arias Cañete recommends having showers of cold water in order to save energy

30 Apr


The minister of Agriculture, Supplying and Environment, Miguel Arias Cañete, has explained on Thursday April 18th that “while you wait for the warm water to come out, a lot of water is thrown away”. Cañete repeats his words from April 17th, when he assured that he would have a shower with cold water “rather than consuming another half a litre”.

Cañete has made these statements during his participation in “Desayunos de Forum Europa”, a Spanish morning talk show, together with the European Commissioner for Climate Action, Connie Hedegaard, who has pointed out that she is not “willing to give up” her hot showers. “That’s the last thing I‘m willing to do”, she has indicated.

In this sense, the European leader has shown her disagreement with Cañete pointing out that, “in order to save energy and to be more efficient, people just have to think more about what we do in our daily life”.

In her opinion, this kind of actions contribute to make society think that “saving energy implies having a boring life where there’s nothing you can do”. Thus, it was pointed out that a responsible and sustainable life “is more interesting”.

On Wednesday April 17th, during his participation in the presentation in Spain of the initiative from the European Comission for Climate Action “The World that you want with the climate that you want”, Cañete has claimed that, before, he was “a spendthrift of water” until the President of the Government named him “minister in charge of the water in Spain” so that now he even prefers to have a shower “with cold water”.

In the same way, he explained that recently he has known about a system that allows us to “reutilize water and avoid its waste”. Likewise, he had encouraged people to carry out some day-to-day actions which can reduce energy consumption. Arias Cañete has remembered, for example, that turning down the central heating thermostat by one degree can reduce the consumption by 7 per cent.

Hedegaard, who is visiting Madrid to present the European initiative which looks for ecological innovative and creative plans that tackle efficiently the climate change, and who expects to promote a change of attitude and behaviours from every standard of the citizens, has explained that the goal of the initiative is to make the campaign “very useful and palpable” and to achieve the possibility to apply it in the daily decisions of the citizens.

Cañete has already caused much controversy due to its statements. Last January he claimed consuming out-of-date yogurts and that the best before date of some foodstuff has a “very high leeway”.