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‘Snow White’, “killer” of bulls

6 May

A campaign against the film condemns that animals were slaughtered during the shooting, breaking the law of animal protection.




Anti-bullfighting organizations and defenders of animal rights have started a campaign against  the film Snow White, selected to represent Spain on Oscar’s long road to Hollywood, considering that while filming, bulls were slaughtered, thereby breaking the animal protection laws.

The Platform Torture is not culture, that encompasses Against Animal Abused Party(PACMA), Ecologists in Action and other collectives, claimed that on June 27th and 28th (2012)  two closed bullfights were organized at the Aranjuez’s bullring behind closed doors, coinciding with the shooting of the film directed by Pablo Berger. From that bullring left a refrigerated truck with dead bulls.
According to their investigations, there are “reasonable grounds to believe that” those involved with the movie making were taking advantage of the authorization of these two bull-fights behind closed doors. The scenes of the films were shot there,  which surely caused animal abuse towards the bulls in the fight, that were slaughtered in the enclosure”.

The  Entertainment Bullfights Area of the Ministry of the Presidency of the Community of Madrid denied that they had authorized the bull festival associated with the shooting of the film. On the other hand, the film’s producer had recognized that nine bulls were used, but that they hadn’t abused them.

The organizers, according to the announcement, ensured that a shooting technician confirmed that the bulls were subjugated to the beam part (chopper) and to flags, and were finally slaughtered in the pens of the square. Again according to their version, the College of Veterinarians of Madrid also admitted holding two fights behind closed doors where no incidents occurred.

The facts were denounced in front of the General Management of the Environment of the Community of Madrid but they never started investigating it, so the complaint was raised to the Administrative Courts, where it was accepted for processing.

In his trial, those responsible for the shooting of the film Snow White may have violated animal protection laws and even committed a crime of animal abuse punishable under the penal code.

Among others, the 2007 law for the care of animal’s farming, transportation, experimentation and slaughter considers it a “serious violation” when the use of animals in cinematographic productions, TV, artistic or advertising, even with the authorization of a competent authority, ends in death.

Taking advantage of silent film presentation in Madrid in a concert at the Zarzuela Theatre, the platform Torture is not Culture called for a demonstration against the film, which ensured governmental authorization.


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